Posted by: aediculaantinoi | June 19, 2013

It’s the world next door, eh?–No, sorry

This is my second attempt making this post…my first one was from the lobby of a hotel, and now I’m in the room of the hotel–THANK ALL THE GODS FOR THAT!

I spent yesterday preparing for an academic conference on Irish and Scottish Studies in Vancouver, B.C., Canada, which I will be attending all week, and will return to the U.S. on Monday. While I had nothing major planned for posting yesterday or today, I do plan to hit several of the important holy days in the coming week with at least one post of some sort or other…

As we were driving on the East-West part of I-5 that is outside of Richmond, B.C., I could see across the water, in the distance, Mt. Erie. I watched her for several miles before various things began obscuring her. Even though I’m in another country now, it’s still very close to my home territory, and it’s most certainly the same bioregion. Aspects of our cultures in B.C. and my part of the U.S. are also similar.

There were some close calls throughout this trip–my first shuttle was almost 20 minutes late, but luckily we didn’t make the following connection too late, and they ended up being late for reasons other than waiting for me. The next connection was made with ten to fifteen minutes to spare, thankfully, despite the lateness. And, the border crossing and such was also not very difficult as far as such things go. The customs agent I had was pretty courteous, and her only odd question was if I was a felon or had ever been charged with a serious crime…I’ve never had that question asked to me in border crossings before. Hmm.

I got here about 11, and tried to check in. My room is paid for, courtesy of my college, for the length of my stay; however, the $200 deposit they require on check-in could not be met by any of my credit or debit cards, and they will not work for small purchases either. Furthermore, my phone is not working for texts or calls. I tried to call various people I know, but apparently most cell phones (and I only know of three people who have landlines off the top of my head) will not accept collect calls, which is somewhat understandable…but what about emergency situations like this? The landline where I live also doesn’t accept collect calls. One line that I could reach kept connecting to a fax machine…

I asked the reception staff if I could use wi-fi in the lobby, and they told me how (with some concern), and I got the phone number of another landline and collect called it. After another call, and a fax from here, and then waiting over an hour for a fax from there to come through, I was able to get checked in. Fecking hell…

What god have I pissed off? Hermes?–communications, travel, money…that seems likely. He’ll get a poem, at very least, later; and, Antinous will, too, for good measure. And, I suspect (for reasons I may explain later), there might be some ancestor issues involved here, too…

So, watch for some poems. I’m literally going to freshen up now, and then walk to my conference. More and happier news later, if all goes well…


  1. If you need money…can we make a transfer via Paypal to your account? I’m at 240-381-9513 (cell) and 301-581-0660 (land line). Oh Lupus, what A PIA for you.

    • You are a living goddess and a Sancta, and I will thank you eternally for even offering.

      Unfortunately, since my ATM card isn’t working, and PayPal bank transfers take up to a week, it wouldn’t end up working by the time I end up leaving. But, luckily, some other options have arisen food-wise that will keep me in good standing for this time.

  2. We are heading into a Mercury Retrograde, which tends to mess up communications, technology and transportation, regardless of whether you’ve pissed off Hermes or not.

    • Though, Merc Ret has never really been an issue for me before–I’ve traveled, written, and so forth quite a bit during Merc Ret with no difficulties whatsoever, and oftentimes, I even do better during those times than many others might in terms of productivity (especially in writing). Why this one is different, who knows…I can’t just chalk it up to that, based on past experiences, thus I suspect it has to be something else.

  3. […] get to that, and then get to bed before the journey home in the morning. While this present trip certainly started out badly, it has ended pretty well, and I’m quite happy with almost all of […]

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