Posted by: aediculaantinoi | June 23, 2013

The Last Few Days…

Tonight is the “super-moon,” but I’ve not been able to see it yet…it’s very cloudy here in Vancouver, B.C. I did see it last night, however, so if I don’t see it tonight, then I won’t have missed it entirely, I suppose…

In any case, I saw it last night–and indeed, at present I’m writing this–from the 35th floor of here:

My conference, since Wednesday, has been in the Simon Fraser University portion of this building:

And for the majority of the social time I’ve had over the last few days, I’ve spent it with this gentleman:

He’s currently touring with this show and this album, and if he’ll be in your neighborhood, I’d highly recommend not only going to his show, but speaking with him. It’s been like being back in Ireland again for me the last few days when we’ve been hanging out and chatting for hours on end, and even a bit of whiskey has been involved in it on my end!

And amongst the entertainment at the banquet last night were these women:

You can listen to some of their music here. Their sets last night were entirely acoustic, just singing and percussion, and they were great! And, this group of otherwise entirely white people from other cultures got up–not universally, mind you–and danced a big circle/line dance around while they did their penultimate song last night in their encore set (after an interlude of several Irish and Scottish songs). I was very happy that one of our conference organizers, at the beginning of the banquet yesterday, in the presence of these First Nations women, acknowledged that we gave thanks to these peoples and remember and honored them since we are all not indigenous to these lands ourselves. It would be nice if more U.S. academic conferences, and events of all sorts, began with an acknowledgement of this fact, and an inclusion of some indigenous peoples in the proceedings in some fashion or other.

And while I’ve been away, both this review and this other one and this further one have come out by me.

I’d love to write more now, but I’ve still got grading to do for my college class that just finished, so I must get to that, and then get to bed before the journey home in the morning. While this present trip certainly started out badly, it has ended pretty well, and I’m quite happy with almost all of it!

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