Posted by: aediculaantinoi | June 24, 2013

Academia Antinoi: New Term Starts July 8, 2013!

A new eight-week term for Academia Antinoi will be starting in just under two weeks. For more information, see the following link.

The courses being offered this time around are:

Antinous and Antinoan Spirituality (101)
Understanding Syncretism
Reconstructionism as Methodology
Irish Deities
Lycanthropic Spirituality
Filidecht: An Introduction

And, on a first-spoken-for basis, I could also possibly run one of the other courses listed at the link above that is not in the previous list, as I should have enough time to be able to generate the material for it during those eight weeks.

The following four-week-long courses will also be offered at any point during the eight-week term that starts on July 8th:

Queer Youth Spirituality
Queer Spirituality Concerns for Non-Queer People
Antinoan Mysteries Preparation

If you sign up before June 30th, you can do the eight-week courses for just $175, and the four-week for only $75! (And yes, I really do need the money quite badly during that time!)

E-mail me at aediculaantinoi [at] hotmail [dot] com to get the registration process started if you are interested!


  1. […] in case you’re wondering, the Academia Antinoi term starts tomorrow, too, though if you sign up for a course before the end of this coming week (July the 12th), […]

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