Posted by: aediculaantinoi | June 25, 2013

Isles of Man

Isles of Man

Céist: Where is the Isle of Man?

Ní hansa: Between Ériu and Alba.

Ba go–that is false.

For in the north of the Aegean,
there is Andros, another Isle of Man.

And, in New York, there is Manhattan.

In Japan, Izanami and Izanagi
dipped a spear into the swirling sea
to form the exquisite jewel of their island…

The endless expanse of celestial darkness
has few enough islands within its void,
fewer still teeming with life,
only one with humans living on it.

Do we owe Manannán rent on this day
if we do not know him or live on Man?

Perhaps not; but rent is owed
to the powers within the earth
and upon it and above it
from whom this one isle of humanity
has its precious, precarious existence.


  1. Very nice, and timely, too, in conjunction with certain issues that have been on my mind recently. Thanks for this.

    • Thank you! Wasn’t entirely sure this one worked in the form it’s in here, so I’m glad to be given the vote of confidence from you!

      (My poetry posts get so few comments in general, I’d honestly be glad for anything!)

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