Posted by: aediculaantinoi | July 1, 2013

Disciplina–Working, Despite Stillness…


Now there’s an image of Disciplina’s exercise for you…! 😉

That’s actually my hand, and it was taken the other night (Saturday the 29th) at the Relay For Life candlelight lap that I attended. That lap was supposed to be taken in silence, and yet I heard all sorts of people remarking about my hand along the way. I managed to remove the candle from my hand and preserve almost all of the spilled wax in the shape it was in afterwards.

One of my students was giving me a hard time in May on Bendideia because I went “Ow” at one point when some candle wax fell on my hand. Well, if that student happens to be reading this, TAKE THAT! 😉

Speaking of my students, the three of them, plus another, went to the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America’s Nagoshi-no-Oharahi ceremony yesterday at the Shinto Shrine, and were there by the time I got there, so that was good Disciplina on their parts as well. The ceremony itself was excellent as usual, and there was actually quite a bit of applause at different points in the ceremony, which is something that doesn’t usually happen other than at the first New Year’s ceremony in my previous experience…but, I guess a lot of us were just really pleased to have had the important mid-year purification. Sensei explained that there are three types of “purification” in Japanese, all of which have the same Kanji, but which are rendered in English or are pronounced slightly differently. There is (if I remember his explanation correctly) oharai, which is the usual washing up one does on a daily basis, and which is expressed at the Shrine as the temizu or hand-washing which one does before approaching the Shrine; then there is oharae, which is the preliminary purification ritual with the haraegushi at the beginning of every Shinto ceremony; then there is oharahi, which is the “big” purification ritual that is done on several occasions during the year. Thus, in being there yesterday, we got all three types of purification in one go.

It was good to have the students there, so that they could experience the Shinto ritual technologies (and especially the katashiro dolls that absorb our tsumi and then melt away when they hit the river!); I took them up to the Inari shrine as well, and they also got to meet Brandy Williams, who happened to be at the ceremony as well. She was one of the major people in the Seattle area that I would have liked for the students to meet at some point, and maybe we’ll be able to get her to come up and give us a talk or something at some stage, too. The students enjoyed the experience, and we’ll likely go back for a private ceremony so they can ask more questions and find out more on another occasion as well in the near future.

Speaking of students always leads to considerations of Disciplina, because to be a student is to be a discipulus. And that brings us back around to the goddess we honor today…

Yesterday, in my own poetic disciplines of late, I was able to write not only the expected eight poems I had planned, but an additional four; and some of them were a lot longer than previous ones, and in many ways some of the best of the lot for this particular devotional project. I worked with a lot more disciplined structures in many of them, and several can be sung. Unfortunately, when I had almost all of them typed up before midnight, I lost the post I was working on, and then midnight came…the internet was intermittent all day yesterday, and has only been fully functional as of about a half hour ago. So, I shall have the next post be the final batch of those poems, which should be done in the next hour or two–like I said, some of the poems are very long, and I’ll have to look around for photos, too!

May Disciplina be honored by all of your works on this day, and every day! Ave Disciplina Domina Doctrix!


  1. Well, I humbly accept your “take that” and raise you a “Touché”😉 but my first thought definitely leaned towards the intended implication (I see what you did there!)

    Anywho, I found the whole ceremony to be an extremely fulfilling experience and can’t wait to go back! Especially now I more or less know what to expect, and what to wear😉 Again, thank you for inviting me to share the experience!

    • 😉

      We are actually headed there again in a short while, because my brother and his fiancee have never been, and while she’s here (her last trip here before they get married) I was able to convince her to do it…it wasn’t hard, as she is pretty interested in such things anyway. So, I’ll be going there shortly…And, Sensei is eager to have all y’all back again, too, in the near future!

  2. […] though I was there last Sunday as well, I was at the Tsubaki Grand Shrine of America again this afternoon today. My younger […]

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