Posted by: aediculaantinoi | July 8, 2013

July 14th is a Secret Holiday…


In the Ekklesía Antínoou, we’re pretty damn serious about calendars, as you may know! (Although I’m a bit behind with updating the Sancti one, alas…) It is a calendrical matter that is concerned in this post.

We are very fortunate to know the dates of birth and death for a variety of individuals who are important to us: Antinous and Hadrian are in this fortunate category, even though we’re not certain on the year of birth for Antinous; Hadrian’s death-date is coming up on Wednesday of this week. For others, we know their birthdate (even if the year isn’t clear), like Diva Matidia, whose dies natalis was recently. Others, we only have a death-date, like the Antinoöpolitan Lovers (although it’s not certain that’s what the date recorded in relation to them signifies). Unfortunately, for far too great a number, we don’t know any of their dates of birth or death at all–from the Empress Sabina to Herodes Attikos to Polydeukion and the other Trophimoi. Certainly, we have determined dates for them based on associations, deities, and sometimes even direct oracular pronouncements on the matter, but we’re no more certain of those dates’ significance than we can be about the exact date of nearly anything that hasn’t been recorded with accuracy by some premodern person.

However, in one very unusual case, despite not having a definite death-date, we do have an inscription which tells how old a certain individual was on their date of death. And, because we commemorate that person’s death on a certain date, we can then work backwards (accounting for inclusive reckoning of dates, of course!) and determine, even with that arbitrary death date, what an appropriate birth-date might also thus be for said individual. But who is it?

I will give some clues over the next few days (and the visual image above is a very tangential clue, to be sure, but it is a clue nonetheless!), and will reveal on the 14th–which, in inclusive counting, is one week away!–who the individual happens to be. In the meantime, it isn’t going on the Calendar…

It is often interesting to me how some of our beloved Sancti can seem to “reach out” into my thoughts and get my attention around their dates of death or birth…oftentimes before I’ve even known what those dates have been precisely. Something, apparently, must be working! I’ve had a bit of that, though, with the individual concerned here lately…

If someone is able to guess it correctly, I’ll get them a copy of any of my books that they might wish in the next month (as the first few paychecks of the current job are going to be much tighter than expected, alas). And, if you don’t want and aren’t interested in that prize (or already have all of my books!), please do everyone a favor and DON’T GUESS and ruin the fun of everyone else, please! 😉


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