Posted by: aediculaantinoi | July 11, 2013

Really, folks?


There is no “Disappointed Antinous” or “Disappointed Hadrian” or “Disappointed Polydeukion” face meme, so McKayla Meroney will have to suffice for today, alas…

Why might those various divine personages be disappointed? Because not a single person has ventured a guess on what the secret holiday on July 14th might be. While I could give clues that would make it extremely obvious, I wouldn’t want to insult the intelligence of you fine readers of this blog by doing something to make it easy. (If you wanted things easy, you wouldn’t be coming to this blog!)

However, this very post that you are reading now has a clue buried in it, which if you look at who is mentioned, and then who isn’t mentioned, you might be able to figure out…whose inclusion would complete the set?

Crikey…I might as well just give it away…but, I won’t until the 14th, unless someone guesses it correctly.

So, you know, GUESS!

If everyone on the internet and news shows can be buzzing over the fact that a certain Canadian with the unlikely surname of “Bieber” has a bladder control problem that he seems to blame on President Clinton, then surely someone can at least manage an attempt at a guess for this particular matter. After all, this matter is likely to go down in history, at least in the Ekklesía Antínoou, which will be around for a very long time; by this time in 15 years, no one will even know (nor care) who this Bieber character is. I mean, really: if the basis for your fame is that your friends filmed you when you forgot to wear your Pull-Ups and had to make a pit stop, then only two things should result–either you are forgotten soon after, or you at last land that ad spot for adult diapers that you’ve always wanted. And, how bad would that be? If everyone forever after this associates this Bieber fellow with wetting oneself in public with no consequences–which, let’s face it, is kind of the sine qua non of adult diapers–then he’ll have at last made his mark on the world, with the same methodologies that dogs also use to make their marks on the world. What more could the civilized world want than that?


  1. I didn’t venture a guess before, as I didn’t have a shadow of a hypothesis.

    Now I do. So: Is the secret holiday in honor of Diva Sabina?

    • That’s an excellent guess, and her inclusion would complete one of the sets implied by the above…but, no, it’s not her.

      The most likely date for her dies natalis is about January 8th, actually, though it’s not certain–we know some pre-Severan Diva was born on that day, but we’re not sure which one, and through process of elimination of the others that are listed elsewhere in the calendar, it’s narrowed down to about four or five possibilities. So, while we do celebrate that day, we don’t know if it is hers or not, so we give it to all of the Divae whose birthdates we don’t know.

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