Posted by: aediculaantinoi | July 14, 2013

Later, A New Holy Day; But For Now…

In a few hours (or more), I’ll have the post on today’s secret/new holy day; but, in the meanwhile, just a quick note on what I’ve been doing that kept me from posting yesterday.


That is the lovely and incomparable S. J. Tucker, along with the equally lovely and incomparable Betsy Tinney, playing last night in Index, WA for an Aquarian Tabernacle Church fundraiser which was interspersed with some light ritual. S. J. continued to tempt and delight with her not-yet-recorded music, as well as many older favorites, and we were also treated to several pieces by Betsy from her upcoming solo album, which is going to be AMAZE-BALLZ! I was there with two of the Mystai of Antinous’ Mysteries, as well as Fritz Muntean, who I had not met before, but with whom I enjoyed several nice conversations. And, I suspect a slight bit of nympholepsy struck me at a certain point when I had to start writing some notes for a poem during one of the songs. It was a wonderful experience altogether, with loads of good company and beautiful music–and people! 😉

It was a long day yesterday traveling to Seattle for me, which took four buses, one ferry, and almost six hours; then, after meeting my Mystai colleagues, it was another hour out to Index. We got back very late indeed, but I slept relatively well in the meantime. I am just about to go out again for a few things, but I hope to be back later, with poetry and explanations of the significance of today’s holy day!


  1. I’m so glad you were able to make it and had such a great time. I only I wish that I was able to attend too! =)

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  3. […] OLOTEAS events: Skiing the Magical Bunny Slope in April, and Concentric Circles in September; and the S. J. Tucker event at the Aquarian Tabernacle Church in July. It’s certainly no diminishment to any of the organizations, events, or individuals involved […]

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