Posted by: aediculaantinoi | July 15, 2013

Six for the Tetrad++

Six for the Tetrad++

She is born of spirit,
triumphs over matter
in pursuit of desire
and she will be able
to bring about the change
which will make her serene.

They are purely serene
in all realms of spirit
despite the flux of change
and the weight of matter;
they shall become able
to give light to desire.

E is formed of desire
into a shape serene–
to rouse all e’s able
to exalt the spirit,
to stimulate matter
and adapt to all change.

He is she or he: change
as fickle as desire
his/her body’s matter
shifts to become serene
and, filled with a spirit
to cause strife is able.

Sie was born quite able
to weather any change
yet dictates of spirit
have fulfilled her desire
to be all and serene
with each gender’s matter.

He is sure in matter
and his body’s able
to stand firm yet serene
and to make every change
that fills his heart’s desire
to embody spirit.

Six’s matter–key to change–
well able with desire,
thus serene, spread spirit.


  1. Wonderful use of the sestina!

    • Thank you! Glad you liked it! I realized it was an ideal form to honor these six deities, and went “duh!” because I hadn’t thought of it earlier…

      Also, good to hear from you! I hope you’re well! 🙂

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