Posted by: aediculaantinoi | July 19, 2013

Books and Things Elsewhere…

I’m in one of those odd moods today, and am hoping I can turn it into some useful work…but, that may not be successful. We shall see…

But in the meantime, I wanted to point out a few things that I’ve seen around the ol’ internet the last few days, that many readers here might be interested in.

First, Lambda Literary has interviewed a variety of interesting authors and artists about their favorite LGBTQ-themed comics. Among those interviewed is Rachel Pollack, an awesome all-around literary polymath who I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with and meeting on several occasions (including at the last two PantheaCons), and who herself has been involved in a number of comics over the years. Check it out! (And be warned that it may add a great deal to your reading list!)

The next two are follow-ons from the Esoteric Book Conference of last year…

First, I looked around Phantasmaphile, the blog of Pam Grossman, who is doing all sorts of fascinating things related to art and esoteric/magical matters in NYC, in addition to being one of the editors of the journal Abraxas. Check that out!

And second, I just learned of another set of projects that William Kiesel is doing: Clavis: Journal of the Art Magical, which is not only doing a journal, but is also publishing an edition of the Soyga Manuscript, which is rather fascinating in itself! Check that out, too, if you’re interested!

I aspire to have an article in either Abraxas, Clavis, or both eventually (as well as a few other esoteric/occult/etc. journals, including The Gnostic and Strange Attractor), so with any luck, perhaps that will occur at some point over the next few years. We shall see!

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