Posted by: aediculaantinoi | July 26, 2013

The Latest “Queer I Stand” and Some Other Things, Too…

I have the above link to give, as well as two others: one having to do with queer things, and one having to do with things.

First, my latest “Queer I Stand” column is up, which is called “What Queer Theology Isn’t.” Is is basically exactly what it says on the tin–or, at least, some thoughts in the direction of such. It arose in relation to some of the things that occurred in the comments on my last column there, and if you read the latter first, then you’ll see at least one place in the former where I refer to the comments on the latter rather directly (if you know what you’re looking for!). Unfortunately, I’m still having Disqus problems, so it would be better, if you want to comment and get a response, to do so here rather than over there.

In the further matters department, even though this article is a few months old now, I just got around to reading it today, and I have to admit the main reason I’m linking to it is because the Antinous Silvanus of Lanuvium is used in it as an illustration: M. Horatius Piscinus’ “Life in Ritual Context.” Some of his other more recent posts are pretty good reading, too, so check those out, if you’re interested!

And, in the “queer but not related” matters, it appears that the U.S. Commission on Religious Freedom has appointed as its new chairperson a certain individual who founded the National Organization for Marriage, one of the premiere homophobic political action groups in the modern U.S. How, tell me, is it possible for someone whose very outlook is predicated upon imposing the norms from one interpretation of one religion as the political and legal compulsion of an entire country a suitable person to be a watchdog internationally for religious freedom? (And, the group itself, so it seems, is pretty much dedicated not to “religious freedom” as you and I would think of it, but freedom for Christians to practice their religion…feck.) I don’t know what, if anything, can be done about this, but it certainly doesn’t sit well with me, nor many other well-informed individuals who may or may not be impacted by this person’s thoughts on same-sex marriage.

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