Posted by: aediculaantinoi | July 31, 2013

River Gods and Antinous, 2013 Edition

From mountain stills and streams
and hidden underground springs
the rivers of the world begin to flow…

From hidden divine dreams
and secret holy things
great gods are born and begin to grow…

In raindrops and in mist
and in melting snow in drifts
the water collects, cools, and flows…

Antinous’ beauty, kissed,
to many lands and forms shifts
and into our devoted presence goes…

In Rhebas, Cephisos, Nile,
in Cydnos, Tiber, and into sea
Antinous’ holy cleansing waters flow…

And then in Bronx and Thames, mile by mile,
Spokane and Skagit, Pilchuck and Lee
and Stillaguamish, now Antinous goes…

Do not flood nor drown the land
nor the children at their play,
nor the fields where wheat, corn, and flowers grow…

But nourish us where we stand
and with waters wash off the clay
of defilement from your devotees: Antinous’ rivers flow…

*: For more on the significance of this date, see the post here, here, and here. There will be further posts on other things to come later today as well!


  1. Ah, lovely.

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