Posted by: aediculaantinoi | August 1, 2013

A Month Without Rain

three gods of skill

A Month Without Rain

Brian, Iuchar, and Iucharba,
three sons of Brigit the Poetess,
have brought fire to the earth and sky
in ranging across it for Cían’s body-price.

But they have raged too hot,
they have flamed too fierce in hatred–
though they were dishonored
and they have been forgotten, overshadowed.

Tailtiu’s plain of judgements
is scarce an assembly,
the fields are parched
and the creeks run feebly.

The hounds of the Three Gods of Skill,
Iuchar and Iucharba as they foam,
must be chased away by the wolves of rain
when Lug comes on foot and on horse.

The mists linger too long in the morning
and do not make way for rain clouds,
but the month of dog-heads must end,
four weeks and three days without rain.

Three shouts on the hill for the brothers, then,
to honor them and repay their debt,
to call Lug’s wolves down from the sky
chasing away Iucharba, Iuchar, and Brian.



  1. It’s definitely overcast here (I’m further south but about the same longitude), so we’ll see how it works! Good luck.

    • It did–a little too well, in fact, because I was outdoors a lot today, and thus was walking around in rain. Oh well, we did need it, and it wasn’t a horrible deluge most of the times I was out.

  2. […] rain and B) bad traffic, but I do take full personal responsibility for “A” because of this yesterday, which worked! We got rain in Seattle, and up in the islands as well, at last, after more than a […]

  3. […] which officially was recognized with the Festival of Hermanubis and likewise was acknowledged on Lugnasad/Iuchar with my prayer for rain this year, which did work […]

  4. […] poems by me in it, all of which have been available on this blog: “Trí Dee Dána,” “A Month Without Rain,” and “Bóann.” There’s also several good articles, book reviews, and another poem […]

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