Posted by: aediculaantinoi | August 1, 2013

Dies Natalis Bloggi Hujus!

Before going any further in what I had planned for today, I have to first take a moment and recognize that this is the third anniversary of this blog! I started it in 2010, and now, three years and 1332 posts later (this is the 1333rd, actually!), here we are…

It’s been a good year for the most part, and while my overall publications are down (only 377 posts in the last year, down from 400 the previous year; only one further book published, A Serpent Path Primer; and not as many new poems, essays, or other things published, though that’s often more due to the publishers/editors involved rather than my own output), I hope that quality has been improved in some cases where quantity has lagged behind. Academia Antinoi has had a few classes, but overall hasn’t been quite as good recently; about this time last year, it was doing slightly better, with more students enrolled in the latter part of summer than had ever been before or since.

I’ve been teaching in collegiate settings a great deal more in the last year, though, which somewhat accounts for the lack of time to be devoting to publication preparations. It has often involved not-at-all-enjoyable administrativia (some of which I have to look after as soon as I’m done with this post), tedious commutes and losses of time, a helluva lot less sleep, and–for a few months–a rather intense period of paranoia and fear due to some active religious prejudice by superiors at work. That was the impetus behind my coming out blog post earlier this year–something, I’ll note, that Antinous himself was not at all pleased with, and wish could have happened under better and more peaceful circumstances, but there it was. One of the upshots of this was the beginnings of the formation (though I’d had it in my mind to do so for a long while before that) of a Pagan Student Union at the college where I teach, which is still underway, and which has given me the opportunity to do some ritual and social activities with a few of my pagan students over the past few months, including our Floralia and Bendideia celebrations; I’m hoping that perhaps Natalis Dianae in less than two weeks will likewise be such an occasion. While things on the “active persecution” front have died down almost entirely, there is still some background tension over these issues, which may re-emerge again if I am deputized into another department again, or have to have some negotiations around leave-without-pay for PantheCon next year once again…but, we’ll burn those bridges when we come to them.

And, speaking of PantheaCon, 2013’s went very well, culminating in the post-PantheaCon Communalia ritual with House Thyrsatrae, which is something to be excited about and pleased with very much indeed.

The “Devotional Lemonade” project with poetry in late June/early July also worked out pretty well, and set the stage for a lot of poetry-writing in July; I’ve still got some to write, both for further devotional occasions today, and for an upcoming publication…

Probably the best things that have happend on this blog since this date in 2012, and during the current calendar year, have been the two new Tetrad++ Group poems–the ones that put the “++” in “Tetrad++,” in fact!–which can be found here and here. They certainly have not had that many page views as some of my other more recent posts (or older ones), but their importance far outstrips their attested popularity, I think. (And if you don’t think so, that’s none of my business, so don’t tell me about it!)

I don’t want to expand my retrospective too much beyond that today, due to time and space limitations; you can look at my yearly retrospectives from 2011 and 2012 here and here, though.

But, there’s a lot more to look forward to, and I’m gearing up to try and get a few things done in the next few months that will result in publications of various sorts from The Red Lotus Library–some of it requires the work of artists, and I’ve already put a few on the work I’m looking for, but that will depend a great deal on their schedules.

Okay, better get to some of it, then.



  1. Happy blog birthday! And may there be many even happier returns!

    • Many thanks! I hope so…I have not always been confident I’d get this far, so I’m glad that even though my output is diminishing in certain respects, I’m at least still averaging a post per day.

  2. Congratulations and many more! Reading your blog is part of my morning ritual.

    • Thank you! I shall try to have as many mornings as possible, then, full of new info for you to integrate into your routine! 🙂

  3. Happy belated blogday! Again! :o)

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