Posted by: aediculaantinoi | August 3, 2013

If it hadn’t rained yesterday…

…then, based on today’s weather, I’d fear for the lives of many dogs.

What do I mean by that?

Today is the Supplicatio Canem or Canem Crucis in Roman practice (which you can read about from last year here). It rather intriguingly connects both Gaulish and Roman matters together, and it falls within the vague period of the Dog Days of Summer, which officially was recognized with the Festival of Hermanubis and likewise was acknowledged on Lugnasad/Iuchar with my prayer for rain this year, which did work yesterday.

The “official” story of this day goes that dogs were crucified to mark the fact that they didn’t properly warn the Romans of the Gaulish secret incursion into their city; but, the sacred geese at the temple of Juno Moneta, however, did. I suspect that is part of it, but also that since this date does fall within the range of the “Dog Days,” that perhaps the dogs are sacrificed as well in a manner to avert the heat and continued merciless sun of these days as a kind of “last resort” and a final observance of when the season is drawing to a close (or when people wish it would begin to draw to a close). Today it is as sunny as it has been for much of the month of July, with no trace of clouds or mist or fog or rain in sight for the entirety of the day where I’m living.

And, in a very odd twist of the above matters, I just heard on the news tonight that at Lake Samamish, a large lake northeast of Seattle, today they rounded up 91 Canadian Geese and gassed them, because these days they are seen to be noxious invasive species (though I remember 30 years ago, when they were considered rare and rather auspicious, as they were on a photography field trip I took in summer before the third grade and many of them showed up in Oak Harbor while we were photographing the marina); but, I suspect it’s because people don’t like the geese shitting on their lawns, houses, cars, and in the parks and public places around the lake. Juno Moneta, and I’m sure Sterculinus as well, weeps over the stupidity of humans in this area on this day, therefore…

Much writing needs to be done, so I have to sign off for now. I hope everyone is well, and that the death of dogs need not avert the summer’s heat in many places where you who read this blog may be located at present!

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