Posted by: aediculaantinoi | August 20, 2013

That Old Blue Moon…

As you know from the two posts yesterday, the moon has been on my mind of late…tonight, it’s not only full, it’s a “blue moon”…

But wait, PSVL, some of you may be saying: it’s not a blue moon, that’s when there are two full moons in one calendar month? And, by a definition followed since 1946, when an unfortunate mistake was made, that would be correct.

Before that, though, a blue moon was the moon that falls within a year (a total of eleven times in a full nineteen-year lunar calendrical cycle) during which a season of the year has four full moons in it. So, from June 21st to September 21st this year, there will be a total of four full moons. Each moon is called the “early ____ moon,” “mid-____ moon,” and “late ____ moon” (with the “____” being the name of the season) ordinarily, but in a season with four full moons, the third is called the “blue moon” in order that the final one of the season can still be the “late ____ moon” of that season.

So. tonight, dear friends, is an “old blue moon.” I’ve just had a short walk outside, as I was rather warm inside (it was quite sunny today, and I had rather more exercise than usual in certain respects, as we went to all the local beauty spots, including Mt. Erie, with a good friend and co-religionist who I have not seen in a long time), and the sky and shadows are slightly blue as the great and lovely moon overhead is slightly yellow. Not a “textbook” definition of “blue moon” in a literal and color-based sense, but that’s fine…it’s the thought that counts, eh? 😉

I have been having consistent trouble sleeping on full moons over the last few years, and I expect tonight will be no different–and, perhaps it will be even more so, because I’ve already started my inventory of “failures” over the last year in a devotional sense (primarily, though others spring to mind, too!) in preparation for tomorrow’s Lion Hunt festival. So, a kind of final post of the night before the day officially ends to perhaps put my mind at rest a bit…

Antinous and Artemis are preparing for the hunt tomorrow, and the moon in its fullness is a herald to the divine help that it took him–and, indeed, which it takes for all of us–to not only strive for success and survive through failure, but to complete anything of merit or worth in general. May we all be as favored as the hunters, and help each other to successfully and safely complete our own hunts in turn!

And, if you’d like a special prayer for this occasion, why not any of the following?:

A Short Prayer Before Bed
Antinous of the Moon (And, as of PantheaCon 2013, now a hit single!)

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