Posted by: aediculaantinoi | August 21, 2013

Lion Hunt 2013: Part the Second


The Last Hunt

For the entirety of my short life
I have prepared for this moment, this hunt.

Not a beast that runs on four legs
nor two, nor birds of the air can escape me.

I have brought them all down skillfully,
with sharp wounds they have bled before me.

I fly swift across plains in pursuit,
even dogs tire at my running’s stamina.

I hope to look strong, accomplished
before the gods and heroes of my race.

I strike swiftly, with skill and strength,
but the beast is only wounded, not dead.

It stings–close, I am bleeding, but alive,
my vigor enlivened with the sight of my own blood.

The gods upon the earth and in the sky
are coming to my aid, I can feel them…

Brought down by a distant spear-cast,
the sweat of day, the heat, the blood…

He stands over me, triumphant,
and says only a few words to me:

“Bleed, little lion, bleed,”
before his sword finishes me off.


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