Posted by: aediculaantinoi | August 21, 2013

Ruinous Things; and other matters of note…

When failure occurs, our plans and works are often left in ruins. Therefore, on this festival of the Lion Hunt, perhaps it’s apt to tell of a few things involving other sorts of ruin…

First, a new Roman fort has been discovered in Wales via aerial archaeological surveys which have benefited from the general heat of this summer. It’s amazing to think that, even 2000-ish years ago, it’s still possible to lose an entire fort! Special thanks to Soli for pointing this out to me!

Next, thanks to Erynn Rowan Laurie, a bit of further news on new investigations at Hadrian’s Villa involving the network of underground tunnels crisscrossing the site. What is under the villa is just as interesting, at least to some people, as what was on the ground at the site; and, it’s probably the part of the villa that is most quintessentially Roman due to all of its sewers and such–the Villa itself, with its many circular buildings and other uniquely Hadrianic flourishes, exemplifies the opulence we associate with Rome, but not their “culture” so much, perhaps…

And speaking of Hadrian’s Villa, with its island “getaway” with a drawbridge where the Emperor spent a lot of time: an article on some characteristics of introverts. I suspect Hadrian was one, and I most certainly am, despite the thoughts to the contrary that some people who knew me in Britain and Ireland had (because if I had not countered some of my introversion while in those countries, I’d have never spoken with anyone!).

Speaking of Ireland: I have heard a variety of things called the “Celtic Curse,” some of them which might be considered a little risqué even for the readership of this blog, but there is a genetic condition going by that name which involves the retention of too much iron in one’s blood which is very prevalent in Ireland.

(I always felt especially carnivorous at certain points while I was in Ireland, perhaps due to a tendency I have toward anemia, and a nice bit of black pudding took care of it right quickly…Also, I recall when I was at Glastonbury, and went to Chalice Well, which is a natural spring with waters rich in iron, that it was the best water I’ve ever tasted in my life, and I drank it right from the fountain that was in the shape of a lion’s head–so, appropriate to remember today! I liked it so much that I drank way too much of it, and ended up feeling pretty sick not long after…oh well, it tasted really good!)

A new book will be coming out soon on an Irish witchcraft trial from the early 1700s. You might be saying, “Wait! I thought witch-hunting and trials, on an official level, ended with Salem in the U.S., which was relatively late.” Sadly, no, it didn’t end in 1692 when Salem occurred, it went on–and still goes on–to the present day. The Irish witchcraft cases and trials are relatively infrequent, however, though some of them are quite fascinating.

That’s all for now!


  1. Ahhh, the whole introversion/extroversion thing. I personally am an ambivert, which I have found is a pretty common trait among actors. At least the ones I have met in person.

    Nice book point outs by the way. Assuming I can afford them, I look forward to reading them. Assuming I can’t. . .well my Uni library better put them on order.

    • I have not heard the term “ambivert” before, but it’s a good one to know! Thanks for that!

      I don’t know how I currently rate on intro/extrovert at the moment; when I was “officially” tested in about ’99, I was only a small way on the introverted side of things, but I think that was after various experiences that required me to be more extroverted on a regular basis.

  2. So I posted that article on FB yesterday. I missed the name of the aerial archaeoogist when I first read, but a friend/acquaintance of mine noticed because he has the same name! Only said friend wasn’t in the plane; he’s a musician.🙂

    • Funny! It’s often crazy to see what people of the same name are doing: one such occurrence of that I know is particularly amusing, as one individual was a British magical/occultism scholar, while the other is an Australian speedo enthusiast and blogger/porn site provider. 😉

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