Posted by: aediculaantinoi | August 22, 2013

Red Lotus Festival 2013, Part One: Land of the Lotus-Eaters


There may be a little bit more “failure” left over yet today from yesterday’s Lion Hunt festival…spots of failure get all over everything when you spear it and it bleeds out and you think you’ve slain it, only to realize you’re far more covered in failure than you ever thought possible, and are left cleaning out little spots of it from the furniture for months…

And, I suspect, I’m feeling a bit heavy with that today. The heaviness at present feels most like it’s in the form of sleepiness, as that has been rare enough in the last few days as well…

I’m reminded of one of the most famous associations of lotuses in the classical world: the episode in Homer’s Odyssey in which Odysseus and friends visit the “land of the lotus-eaters,” which on the map that came with the younger person’s edition of the Odyssey that I read as a tween (which was called The Adventures of Ulysses, I think), it showed the land of the lotus-eaters as being Egypt, basically. There is some good supporting evidence for this: the Nile does have several kinds of lotuses–red, white, and blue, in fact!–and the blue lotus in particular is considered entheogenic as a light hallucinogen. The Egyptian god Nefertem, who is one of my favorites, was long associated with perfumes and lotuses, but the blue lotus in particular, as shown above. (I can’t help but wonder: if Nefertem gets the blue lotus, and Antinous gets the red lotus, then who gets the white one? Hmm…!)

So, perhaps, rather than lion’s blood becoming red lotuses today (at least up to this point), perhaps failures of yesterday are becoming blue lotuses of sleep-induction today.

In the meantime, have a Dead Can Dance song appropriate to these thoughts:

I shall have more for you later, if all goes well–and I see no reason why it won’t, though it may be a while before I can write a poem on here again later tonight, before or after the rest of the Red Lotus ritual that I will complete later, when I’m off work and back home again.


  1. Nefertem recently surprised me with some visits and attention, and I’ve fallen a bit in love with him. I wrote a devotional poem (of sorts) for him a while back at .

    • Very nice! I like it!

      Indeed, there’s a lot to love (and like!) about Nefertem.

      I suspect he’d be particularly popular and interesting amongst Feri-trained folks, for a variety of reasons…

      • Thanks! I have been getting that sense as well. There is a cluster of “Blue Gods” to which he feels kindred. Not a god I had thought much about until he began showing up for me in surprising ways.

      • As he’s not one of the most well-known of Egyptian deities (which is ironic, because he was very popular back in the day at various points), he shares that with many deities, I suspect (i.e. not being thought of much)…

        The “Blue Gods” thing is certainly a part of it…

        Since I learned of him, I’ve found that more and more, there is a connection with Antinous and him, even though it is never explicitly stated in any ancient texts; but, the theology implied there doesn’t take much digging to verify, I think.

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