Posted by: aediculaantinoi | August 22, 2013

Red Lotus Festival 2013, Part Two: Scribblings on Lotus Petals


The First Flower

Not yet have I taken root in the world
nor the minds of humans, nor in their garden pools.

The ibis, the crocodile, the serpent,
and the legions of frogs gather about me.

I have sheltered them, fed them, been the shade
under which they have rested and refreshed themselves.

I stand firm but flexible, I float
on the surface of the Nile’s swampy banks.

I know I am beautiful to the eyes
though men and gods have often not seen me.

His legs brush against me as I lie,
my petals caress his living, radiant flesh.

The feeling–I am flushed, I am no longer pale,
I am no longer invisible among reeds and papyrus.

Nefertem’s blue beauty smiles upon me
and Harpocrates gives way upon his white flower throne.

I have been raised up by the flesh of a boy,
the grime of his toil, the dust, a beast’s blood…

He stands over me, exuberant, cleansed,
and his eyes catch me with a smile:

No word he says, but I know I will have
a god within me when he is raised to the stars.


  1. Beautiful.

  2. Very lovely. Blessings.

  3. Love that last couplet!

  4. Love this.

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