Posted by: aediculaantinoi | August 22, 2013

Victory well earned, perhaps…

This will be my last post of the day, I’m pretty sure…

I managed to get the Red Lotus ritual done much earlier than I was able to do the Lion Hunt one yesterday–it was done before dinner, and now a total of seventeen electric candles are flickering away in front of and on my shrine, including four in the red lotus candle holders that I break out for more important rituals, and of course for this one in particular.

I was also able to (finally!) talk with someone I’ve been trying to connect with for the last week, which was most insightful and intriguing…so, a victory there over the defeat of yesterday’s failed attempt to do so.

Now, I think I’m going to try and sleep–and perhaps the candles, the post-ritual energies, and the faint smell of storax in the air will give me dreams of Antinous victorious…

If you celebrated this holy day, or yesterday’s, please share your experiences here! I’d be happy to hear about them, however large or small, however simple or elaborate, however grand or humble, and however you chose to do it!

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