Posted by: aediculaantinoi | September 1, 2013

Special: This Week Only!

So, the Esoteric Book Conference is coming up in less than two weeks, and in advance of that, I’d like to raise a bit of money so that I can, well, you know, attend it and such. (In the meantime–no joke here–I’m going to get the money out that my annoying job has taken out, without my consent, for a retirement fund, so I can afford some medical supplies this month.)

As a result, I’d like to make the following offer on the Academia Antinoi courses listed below: if you sign up for one today, September 1st, you can do it for $100! If you sign up for one Monday or Tuesday, September 2nd or 3rd, you can do it for $125. If you sign up for one Wednesday or Thursday, September 4th or 5th, you can do it for $150. And if you sign up on Friday or Saturday, September 6th or 7th, you can do it for $175.

The courses for which this applies are:

Antinous and Antinoan Spirituality (101)
Understanding Syncretism
Reconstructionism as Methodology
Irish Deities
Lycanthropic Spirituality
Filidecht: An Introduction

All of the others, because they are not fully developed yet and will take a lot more work to do, will still cost $200, and you can register for those at any point you might wish.

Of course, you can also buy books (but that will not actually pay until late October at this point), or you can make donations directly to me as well, if you’d like to help me out.

We will return to your regularly scheduled blogging mania later today…


  1. […] pays me to come and speak or give workshops, few enough people enroll in the courses I offer (even at majorly discounted prices!), and my books don’t sell more than about eight copies a month most months (and some months, […]

  2. I really love your writing – it’s so thoughtful, and generous, and has given me so much to think about. I’d like to make a donation but the link only takes me to the PayPal home page. How do I send you the money?


    • Thank you–you’re very kind! 🙂

      Unfortunately, since this is a free blog from WordPress, they don’t allow direct “Donate” buttons for PayPal, so that’s the best I could do functionally on here. I have an account there, which is my e-mail address: aediculaantinoi (at) hotmail (dot) com. If you have a PayPal account, log in, and then “Send Money” to that e-mail address, it will get to me (hopefully!–though in fairness, I haven’t had any problems with it doing so thus far, which is good!).

  3. Is there an amount I could donate so that, at some point in the next couple of months, a signed copy of The Serpent Path Primer would show up in my mailbox? (Don’t know how much that would have to be to make it worth it for you to get a physical copy of the book, sign it, and post it, but if you like that idea, I’ll probably make it happen.)

    • I could probably do that for a donation of about $28, all told; and once I receive the donation, I can get on it!

      Thank you for suggesting it! 😉

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