Posted by: aediculaantinoi | September 3, 2013

“The Pagan/Polytheist Tarot” The Living Version–Addenda

Over the last few days, the posts I did on the “Living” and “Dead” versions of “The Pagan/Polytheist Tarot” have been, I hope if nothing else, good for a laugh. 😉

But, in compiling particularly the first of those, I felt great difficulty due to the simultaneous necessity and impossibility in the traditional 78-card tarot system to include any and all of the varied and important members of the modern pagan and polytheist communities. Indeed, I suspect that if I were to nominate further individuals for the 36 further “pip cards” of the traditional tarot deck, I’d still run out of cards faster than there would be worthy and important individuals to name in them.

Thus, the following list of individuals who I think could/should probably be included somewhere in versions of “The Pagan/Polytheist Tarot: The Living Version,” as potential alternates for some of the cards already named, or perhaps even new cards should be invented to encapsulate them. Here they are:

Ronald Hutton
M. Macha Nightmare
Christopher Penczak
Ivo Dominguez, Jr.
Raven Grimassi
Raymond Buckland
Margot Adler
Janet Farrar
Taylor Ellwood
Lee Harrington
Donald Tyson
Anne Newkirk Niven

And, for the “Dead” version, the following individuals also suggest themselves:

Harry Hay
Joe Wilson

And, any number of others…

Who else do you feel should be included in either list, living or dead? Let me know!

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