Posted by: aediculaantinoi | September 4, 2013

“Pagan School”…!?!

No, I’m not talking about Cherry Hill Seminary, or even Academia Antinoi…alas.

I’m talking about a dream that I had last night/this morning, part of which was somewhat self-directed/lucid, I’m somewhat surprised to say. Anyway…

Let me try and tell you about it, as much as I’m able to remember in any case.

It was in sort of three parts, which fed rather seamlessly into each other, but were ultimately rather different in character at each point, even though there was a kind of running theme to it all.

Part the First

The setting of this first part looked to me like an old elementary school or middle school, built perhaps in the 1960s, as many of the schools where I grew up were. It was clearly a somewhat run-down, repurposed set of buildings, and they were all painted on the inside a rather unflattering shade of red and yellow. And the ostensible reason I was in this setting was because I was enrolled in “pagan school,” as a kind of undergraduate college student. It had a vague collegiate feeling to it, even though the physical surroundings seemed more like a late primary or early secondary education setting. It was clearly a pre-existing set of buildings that had been acquired for pagan educational purposes secondhand, as it were.

I was in a room that seemed simultaneously like a classroom, but also a dorm room–not very private, rather institutionalized in nature, and not very personalized to me, but there was a bed in it, at very least. I was worried because I had missed four classes in a row due to illness (this is a running theme in many dreams I have, incidentally), but I was also somewhat excited, because there were some interesting things coming up with work on the school newspaper. And, who was the person in charge of the school newspaper at the pagan school? Why, Jason Pitzl-Waters of The Wild Hunt blog, of course!

Part the Second

Almost with no transition whatsoever, I was no longer the worried student enrolled at the pagan school, but instead an instructor, who had an office and a position and no small amount of prestige in my role as an educator. The school suddenly seemed a lot “better” than it had been moments before, with many more students and faculty, much nicer facilities, and a long history behind it.

And, there were also non-humans at the school. In particular, elves, who were very much like Tolkien’s elves. I remember hearing about one elf who was at the school who had recently enrolled, but had been living in the area since 1861–though I don’t know what area the pagan school was actually located in, or even what country, though it seemed like the U.S. with some British elements. Hmm.

In particular, I was hoping that I could run into this rather attractive male elf graduate student, who was doing work in another department from mine, and thus if I ended up being in any way romantically involved with him, it wouldn’t be a conflict of interest since there was no possibility of quid pro quo in grading or advisory capacities on my part. (Can you tell that I’ve been in many sexual harassment seminars over the years at the colleges I’ve taught at previously?) That attractive elf graduate student passed by me for a second, but I didn’t really get to talk to him. Oh well.

I did, however, have to get dressed in my academic regalia in order to go to the function I was about to attend, because I distinctly remember hearing or saying “We prefer things rather formal for these events.” The function I was attending was a ritual of some sort…Of course, at a pagan school, those sorts of things happen all the time, so it’s not a big deal.

Part the Third

From that sort of transitional point in the dream, the rest of it became more Harry Potter-like: there was more supernatural and magical stuff happening all around at all times.

I was walking through some different halls, and through a library.

[I didn’t remember this until a few hours after the original post.] There was some sort of “pill” that I had to take, and that everyone was taking in the school, which had to do with the goddess Nyx. There was a very nice line–which I cannot remember now!–that was said in praise of Nyx and in relation to all of our devotion to her in the school, which was beautiful and reassuring and loving. Then, this other goddess showed up out of nowhere–she was much larger than everyone else in the place, and had that numinous quality about her that would distinguish her as a deity–who was rather hysterical and a bit crazy, and who wanted to get the pills and other objects away from Nyx, as if it was a kind of struggle. I ended up leaving them to fight it out–I didn’t actually see Nyx, but I assumed they were fighting together by the time that I left. I suspect the other goddess might have been Eos, but I can’t be certain of that…

Then, there was going to be some sort of performance in an auditorium, but the auditorium wasn’t really built yet. So, I was standing off to the side of it, and was literally commanding bricks and foundations to form right before me. One thing that kept happening was that I was adding multiple gallery/box seating sections along the walls, and the whole thing was rather ornate and like a large and thin music room like they had at my college in Oxford. The person who was to be performing/presenting in the room was some kind of supernatural being, perhaps a dragon or something of that nature…something with very large wings, in any case.

And, there was a bit more to it as well, but that’s about all I can remember for the moment. Hmm.


Yeah, so that’s the “peering into P.S.V.L.’s brain” session for this quarter of the year. Any questions? 😉


  1. Do you, perhaps, have some unackowledged Elf fetish? Anyway, interesting dream. Maybe it’s semi-(auto?) biographical or something? Blessings.

    • My elf fetish is very fully known and acknowledged, thanks very much! 😉

      I wish it was even semi-autobiographical…the sets alone would make it worth it.

      • You’re not the only one…..😉

      • With an elf fetish? Or with wishing that the dream was semi-autobiographical for access to the sets? 😉

  2. Sounds wonderful! I especially love how aware you were of university policies regarding relationships.🙂 I work as a counselor and have found myself in dreams doing crisis assessments for beings I meet!

    • I suppose it goes to show how “automatic” these things become, so as to be norms amongst the other things in dreams and such…although, loads of other strange things go on with very little questioning in dreams, so who knows. 😉

      Also, THANK YOU! You are a blessed savior for your generosity! 🙂

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