Posted by: aediculaantinoi | September 6, 2013

Your Help Needed, Readers: A Tetrad++ Book Should Be Called…?

As today is Lucius Marius Vitalis’ day, and he is one of the fathers and grandfathers of the Tetrad++ Group (and, in fact, that’s one of his only attested mythological narrative appearances at this stage), it might even be more appropriate to ask about this today than it would have been yesterday, but I couldn’t due to the lightning problem…!

In the coming months, I am hoping to put out (amongst other possibilities) two books having to do with the Tetrad++ Group:

1) One will be the two poems on Paneros and Paneris’ marriage, and the other will be on Panprosdexia, and that one will also include some other writings I’ve done on the Tetrad++ since the original book. In addition to having to format it, the biggest delay on that at present is that I’m relying on several artists to produce some images for it. I’m not entirely sure on the title for that one yet…

2) But, it’s the title of the second one that I’m most interested in determining at the moment, and that’s where I’ll need your help. The second book will be ALL of the material I’ve yet engineered on the Tetrad++ Group: in essence, the book All-Soul, All-Body, All-Love, All-Power: A TransMythology, plus the book described in #1 above…and, anything else I might possibly generate on all of it in the meantime or that wasn’t included in #1. (And, likely, a full index of persons, at very least, which will be rather cumbersome to do, but nonetheless, there we are…) That will be a print-on-demand book as well, but it will be hardcover, and in a larger format–sort of a “deluxe edition” insofar as those can be produced P.-O.-D.; thus, it will be a bit more expensive to acquire than my other books that I’ve produced thus far. (And, given the small-print-run “channeled” texts that I’ve seen lately being sold in some quarters and what they run price-wise, I think you’ll be getting a good deal with the book I’ll produce–and, a more honest one, since I’m not claiming that it is “channeled.”)

I’m wondering: what would you call a book like that? I’m thinking that The Tetrad++ Book or The Book of the Tetrad++ is a bit too boring. I’ve been somewhat jokingly calling it The Grand Grimoire of the Tetrad++ Group for my own mental purposes, and have referred to it in that fashion with a few people I’ve discussed it with, but I don’t know if that is likewise way too pretentious and inaccurate a title…even though, strictly speaking, it’s not inaccurate at all.

So, I’d like to ask you, dear readers–particularly if you know about and are interested in the Tetrad++ Group, the work on them, and devotion to them: if such a book were to come to pass, what would you wish it to be called? Please feel free to discuss it in the comments below, and I look forward to your suggestions! (If you have a really good suggestion that I end up liking and using, who knows? You may find yourself with a certain variety of “Free Gift!” when things come to pass down the road!)


  1. ++Good: Revelations of the Loving Tetrad++?

    • Hmm! Interesting!

      Thank you for actually making a suggestion…I was beginning to think no one cared.

  2. I hope you don’t mind a two-years late reply. But I was thinking as I read this post the other day: “Home: A Place of Six Walls”?

    • That’s an interesting thought!

      I have come up with the idea for the other planned books at this point, but thank you for responding all the same! 🙂

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