Posted by: aediculaantinoi | September 7, 2013

An Appearance By Me on “Story-Eyed Youth” Radio Show TODAY!

At 3:30 PM Pacific Time today, I’ll be appearing on Story-Eyed Youth, a BlogTalk Radio show hosted by Conor O’Bryan Warren, an interesting Hellenic polytheist. Of course, I’ll be talking about Antinous primarily, but we’ll see what else comes up–I have no idea personally, and thus I’ll be on my toes the whole time! 😉

Looking forward to it–and if you want to call in with questions and such, feel free to!


  1. I *highly* encourage folks to call in with questions. I mean, I have about twenty or so prepared (not that I expect to get to them all :P) but I REALLY like caller interaction and questions. especially since listener questions are by their very nature 100 percent guaranteed to be relevant to at least one listener!

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