Posted by: aediculaantinoi | September 9, 2013

Behind the Scenes…

It’s taken me this long today to write something on the blog…crikey!

Luckily, page views on this blog were higher today than normal–and higher than they have been for a few weeks–due to the listing of my post from yesterday on today’s The Wild Hunt Blog’s “Unleash the Hounds!” segment. So, thank you, Jason, for that mention! 😉

A great deal goes on behind the scenes, however, with any blog like this, and the last two days have been no exception.

Since about 10:30 PM on this past Saturday night, I’ve been writing like a maniac. In that time, I’ve written or revised five articles for publication, ranging from 1,500 words up to just over 3,000, with the total being around 10,000 words (of which at least 3/4 were totally new). Three of them were overdue submissions for the Demeter devotional for Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and covered topics including: the syncretism of Diva Sabina to Demeter/Ceres (the shortest and easiest/fastest one to write); Demeter and Demophoön and the implications of that story for a potential overthrow of the Olympian pantheon; and, the connections between Demeter, goetia, the Eleusinian Mysteries, and Hadrian and Antinous. The latter piece is one that is based solidly on linguistics, which both academic commentators and magical practitioners seem to have completely and utterly missed prior to now, so I’m rather excited about it…

The other two articles were on Antinous and Glykon (for a publication that I won’t mention just yet, because it is still in the speculative stage); and then a revision of a Patheos column I did in 2012 for possible inclusion in Circle magazine. I hope both of those are successful as well, particularly the first of these…

And, now that all of that is done, I can move on to: writing/formatting several books! I hope to have more updates on that matter in the coming two weeks or so…

But, tomorrow, back to the usual posts, I hope! I’ll make sure to set aside a bit of time for that, since the actual “writing” during the formatting process for the books will be minimal at this stage…it’s good to stay in practice with writing on a daily basis, and to get 1-2,000 words out no matter what, if possible. Relatively easy for me most of the time, but I never want to hold my breath on that…!?!


  1. It is my absolute pleasure, you are one of our movement’s finest minds.

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