Posted by: aediculaantinoi | September 12, 2013

News from Britain and Ireland (but mostly Ireland)…

…and, to be quite honest, some of it isn’t “news” at all, really–it’s “new” in geological time, but not current events.

In any case…!?! 😉

First off, a new passage tomb has been discovered near Newgrange. It’s been discovered with special radar, and thus no excavations have yet taken place, but if the site gets designated a national monument, then they can properly explore it. Rather cool!

Second, a story from last year about John Moriarty, who had–if nothing else–an impressive head of hair. My Irish colleague who was present at the first several Foundation Day rituals of the modern Antinoan cultus was fortunate enough to be a student of Moriarty at Mary Immaculate College in Limerick before Moriarty died in 2007, and he had many good things to say about him, and passed on some interesting bits of wisdom from him. Unfortunately, in the interview/article there, he does some things that rather upset me about Irish spirituality, which many men of his generation have also done with “Irish wisdom” and so forth: they equate it too easily and quickly with Buddhism, Hinduism, and various other things, rather than taking it on its own terms. (John O’Donoghue used to do the same thing.) And, he’s totally wrong about the Tuatha Dé vs. the Fomoiri: the latter were indigenous to Ireland, and while they were responsible for some things like cruel tributes and such in later parts of the lore, it was the Tuatha Dé who often clearned plains, drained lakes, and did other things that quite literally rolled back nature in Ireland to make way for humans (which is both a good and a bad thing…but, they’re no eco-heroes, that’s for sure). Anyway…I can’t say I’m unreserved in my suggestion to have a look at that, but anyway, some of you may find it interesting, in any case.

And finally, in the “you’ve got to be fucking kidding” category: three teenage girls from Arizona have shown up in London claiming to be “exorcists” and want to battle the Satanic menace that is the Harry Potter books at their source. Gods, I wish I was kidding…the stupidity and arrogance of these girls, and their father, is beyond words to convey at this point. But then again, being that they probably come from a rather biblical literalist background, and likewise are probably quite ignorant of their own sacred scriptures on many points, they can get away with reading something like Harry Potter–a fictional tale–as if it was real (they have no critical faculties to distinguish othewise), while simultaneously not ever having had to actually read a single word from the text. “This book GOOD!, this book BAAAAD!!!” is about as intellectual or nuanced an argument as one could get out of these people…

I may have more today, or maybe not; much depends on how time goes. I hope everyone is well in any case!


  1. Reminds me: what do you recommend as a good edition of the Cath Maighe Tuireadh?

    • Pretty much the only game in town these days for CMT is Elizabeth Gray’s edition/translation from the Irish Texts Society; anything earlier than that is horribly bowdlerized and abridged without saying so. Even though she also doesn’t translate all of it (some bits are in rosc, a very difficult sort of sub-language in early Irish poetry), at least she gives the full text for people with the know-how to parse through, if they can.

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