Posted by: aediculaantinoi | September 16, 2013

The Mysteries of Dionysos Bassareus

Unfortunately, I can’t do my Esoteric Book Conference update/debrief today, as I’m rather sleep-deprived, have to get up early again tomorrow (and the next day) for faculty meetings, and am dealing with some unexpected health issues that might send me to the doctor on the one day that I now have off this week (as another day of faculty meetings has become necessary). To say that I’m annoyed about all of this would be an understatement…

So, in the meantime, contemplate this video on the mysteries of Dionysos Bassareus…or perhaps the Thracian goddess Bendis.

See? Ancient Mystery…


  1. He leads us in song and dance to our Liberation…..

    • But…what does he say? Ancient mystery, like an angel in disguise…

  2. That was amazing and improved my whole day. Thank you.

  3. Also: — I think it says, “w00t!”

    • Indeed! Or, maybe like that sort of 80s/90s “WHOO!” sound that gets made, for example, in “Should I Stay Or Should I Go”…

      Thanks for sharing that!

      (I’ve seen a live fox once in real life: in the city of London! Actually, near the North Greenwich tube station, on the way there in a car one night, it jumped out of the tall grass on one side of the road, darted across rather casually, and then was gone again. Kind of cool to see such an animal in the city, I thought!)

  4. Apropos of nothing, I found this book (which sounds horrible, but nonetheless might prove … interesting? entertaining?):

    • As with so much modern Antinoan fiction, this sounds like a train wreck…but, I will have to look at it all the same, I guess…

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