Posted by: aediculaantinoi | September 24, 2013

Some Sancti for Consideration…

It seems that actual and potential Sancti might be trying to get in touch with me again…

I say this because I had only heard briefly of Zan Fraser over the last few years, but then his name started going through my head the other day rather incessantly, and not for any reason that I could clearly discern. I never spoke with him, didn’t really know him personally, and when his name started going through my head, I thought to myself, “I recognize the name, but I don’t know why or what for.” Well, after reading the above post, now I know…and, he seems like a good candidate for addition to the list of Sancti.

And a few others that should probably be added include Marc Carson, and Eric Lembembe. I hate to have more individuals added to our list in the latter categories, but at the same time, it is all the more important and a requirement that we do so in cases like theirs.

Our official ceremony of sanctification will take place next month at our Foundation Day festivities, so it is good to start thinking about these things and compiling names and dates (where available) sooner rather than later.

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