Posted by: aediculaantinoi | September 26, 2013

Seattle-Area Folks: What Are You Doing on Saturday the 28th?

Anyone who is in the greater Seattle area, and who doesn’t have anything to do this coming Saturday the 28th: why not join us in Redmond?

The 15th Annual Concentric Circles is occurring this weekend in Redmond, WA, sponsored/hosted by OLOTEAS (Our Lady of the Earth and Sky), who also put on this event back in April.

I’ve only been to one other Concentric Circles, back in 2008 (or perhaps 2009…or maybe even 2007, I’m not recalling now…), and myself and Erynn Rowan Laurie were doing a presentation together on CR, and I think she had a further one that she did as well which I just attended. I don’t know what I might attend at this Concentric Circles, but I’m getting ready for the Ekklesía Antínoou presentation and ritual as we speak…and will spend most of tomorrow doing likewise.

So, if you can, come on down! Even if you can’t (or don’t want to!) attend our presentation/ritual, come to the whole event anyway and hang out, attend other sessions, eat and chat, enjoy the pool and hot tub (which I won’t be able to do, courtesy of continued foot bad-ness post-Esoteric Book Conference…feck!), and converse with folks in your local greater pagan and polytheist communities!

If you’re there, be sure to come and say hello! I’ll probably be in the leopard print fez with peacock feathers, as usual…


  1. Wish I could have made it, PSVL! Perhaps a different time. For now, stay dry, and blessings to all the Deities.🙂

    • Thanks for your good wishes!

      Perhaps you can join us for Foundation Day on October 30th, which is the biggest Antinoan holy day of the year…! 😉

      • Hi PVSL! Oh, where would this Foundation Day be taking place? Though I have to stick close-ish to Seattle (well, between Seattle and Everett), I would like to see it.🙂

      • It will be at a private residence, most likely…the details are still being worked out. It will be within the city limits of Seattle somewhere, though, I think…

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