Posted by: aediculaantinoi | October 4, 2013

Too Much…

I really want to write some things here–not only things I’ve been wanting to write for a few weeks or even a month, but other stuff as well…but, I’m not finding the energy or the attention reserves to do so at present. And, I’ll be staring at a computer for some work-related stuff over the weekend that will take up far more of my time than I’d planned or I’d prefer, too…

I’m also just getting really tired of some of the nonsense that is going around and is styling itself “pagan” these days. Yes, there have always been people of extremely poor understanding in the pagan community, but my tolerance for the bullshit levels–no matter how much someone might be getting out of their bullshit personally–is getting near saturation point.

I might have to take a few-days hiatus on the blog just to try and find something in my own experience that will allow me to put aside some of that nonsense and focus on some of the positive things that I and others have been trying to do for our own gods and the furtherance of our non-deluded community. Unfortunately, that’s a taller and harder order than it ought to be…

Have fun while I’m gone, folks.


  1. Would it not be a good idea to give a brief outline of what it is that is ‘too much’? You didn’t even scratch the surface paganism is a huge umbrella of many religions and none.

    • While I do plan to say more about this over the next few days, I think it is really quite untoward to respond to a post that is saying “I need a break from all of this” by being critical and picky about definitions, when the purpose of using the term “pagan” was specifically to include as many people as possible and was done deliberately to indict as many as possible. If you didn’t understand that was what the specific choice of wording was intended to do, then please feel free to include yourself specifically amongst those from whom I was desiring a respite.

      • “please feel free to include yourself specifically amongst those from whom I was desiring a respite.”

        Such a venomous little pagan. Er, how could I be one of those you are seeking a ‘respite’ from I haven’t commented on one of your blogs for about three years. I must have made quite an impression!

      • Thank you for reminding us all of the definition of “troll.”

  2. I’ve nominated you for a Liebster Award (there are questions attached, hope that’s okay, not sure of the etiquette on these things); the link’s at, but please, no pressure. Just mentioning it.🙂

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