Posted by: aediculaantinoi | October 11, 2013

Some things I’ve seen that you might like to see, too…

Over the last week, I haven’t just been looking up lobster pictures and videos; I’ve seen a lot of other things, and some of them may be of interest to many of you, too. (Compilation posts like this appear to be making their rounds across the pagan blogosphere lately…hmm…)

As today is International Coming Out Day, here’s an interesting run-down of 25 important coming-outs of 2013. I wasn’t aware of many of those–fascinating!

In a “coming out” of a different sort–the kind involved with coming out of one’s clothes rather than any closets (!?!)–Daniel Radcliffe reveals he is fine with people seeing his latest film just to see him naked. Which is great–they’re surely not coming to see his fantastic acting talent. (I kid Daniel Radcliffe…he is very talented, very cool, very LGBTQ-friendly, and also not at all a chore to look at!)

And, as I’m sure you were hoping for: more Miley Cyrus news–Amanda Palmer did an open letter to Sinéad O’Connor about the latter’s open letter to Miley, and then did a mash-up of “Nothing Compares 2U” and “Wrecking Ball” that I must say is pretty cool (the mash-up, that is…the letter is interesting, but I’m not sure I agree with every point of it); and here’s a hilarious send-up of all of this open-letter madness that has occurred. Point well taken…

In rather-directly-Antinous-related-news: Samuel Delany’s book Phallos has been re-released with some supplements. The plot discussion at the bottom of that article from Phallos is the part that features Hadrian and Antinous–and sorry for the spoilers there (but not really). 😉 I have enough books that I need to get that I am interested in and don’t own…now I have to start adding books that are just new editions…if the book is good and intriguing enough, though, I suppose it’s no harm.

And, in potential Ekklesía Antínoou Sanctus news: John Mitzel died on October 4th. Read more about him there, and then tell me: is he Sanctus-worthy?

In further queer pagan and book-related news, here is an interview with Michael Lloyd by Ethan Doyle White, and a review of Lloyd’s book on Eddie Buczynski by Ethan Doyle White as well!

In other pagan-related book review news, here is a review of Peter Grey’s Apocalyptic Witchcraft on RuneSoup that is far more interesting than most of the reviews I’ve read of that book thus far. As you may recall, I reviewed this book on Eternal Haunted Summer last month, but I think RuneSoup’s review is far better than mine for a variety of reasons.

In more directly polytheist-related news, Tess Dawson has written on the flavors of different pantheons; and also recently appeared on Conor O’Bryan Warren’s Story-Eyed Youth Podcast. I highly recommend looking at both!

And in more close-to-my-own-heart polytheist-blogging-related news, Anomalous Thracian has returned, and has written on the razing of the Temple of Nyx, and is also asking everyone to stop talking to themselves. Good things to read all around…

I may have even more to post later, depending on a few things, but for now, I’ll leave you all to have a look at those things, and feel free to discuss them here below if you like!


  1. Look at this one!

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