Posted by: aediculaantinoi | October 16, 2013

Signal Boost: M2Q ‘Zine Call for Submissions

The following is a call for submissions for a forthcoming ‘zine on the subject of assigned-male-at-birth folks who identify as genderqueer. It is being co-edited by River Willow Fagan (who I do not know personally) and Tristissima et alia, the latter of whom is among the Mystai of Antinous, and is someone whom many of you may have seen or met at Ekklesía Antínoou events at PantheaCon, as well as elsewhere around that particular massive gathering. I will probably be submitting something to this–although I am already seeing some ways in which doing so is uncomfortable to me, which I’ll be writing about in my piece–but I think that many others might find this to be useful and important, and so I encourage anyone who qualifies to consider submitting something as well!

M2Q Zine Call for Submissions

Genderqueer is a word that points to infinite possibilities for playing with, sabotaging, cutting up, reinventing and/or reclaiming gender. However, there is a frequent perception that genderqueer is most often claimed by people who were assigned female at birth. This zine aims to address this by creating a space for genderqueer people who were assigned male at birth to tell their stories, examine and explore their identities and experiences, and offer their perspectives and visions on gender, queerness, and beyond.

There is no one path from M to Q; there are as many routes as there are genderqueers. Even the metaphor of a route is too limited; there may not be movement at all, but rather a slicing open or a flowering forth. Tell us about your journey, your process, the intricate or plain pattern of your gender history. Tell us the name of your gender, and how it feels when other people sing it back to you (or refuse to do so). Tell us your struggles, tell us your dreams, tell us the shapes of pain and liberation that swim through your blood.

Here are some questions to consider:

* How did you come to discover/create/embrace being genderqueer? What does being genderqueer look like for you, in terms of identity and expression?

* What has coming out as genderqueer been like? With your family? With your friends? With strangers on the bus? Or, why have you not come out?

* What have your experiences of the genderqueer community been like? Positive, negative, mixed or uncategorizable.

* How does being genderqueer intersect with your other identities and experiences? People of color, working-class people, people with disabilities are especially encouraged to submit.

* Have you had experiences as a genderqueer person that you consider to be directly linked to having been assigned male at birth? Either because of the assumptions that others make about your identity, or because of the internal effects of being socialized to be a “boy”.

* What would the world look like if it were a safe and welcoming place for your gender? How might we get from here to there? Political analysis, critiques and visions or liberation are welcome as long as they are rooted in your experiences.

* How have structures of domination (such as heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, classism, ableism, and and and…) shaped, distorted or suppressed your gender identity, expression, and experiences?

* What possibilities for resistance, liberation, and new forms of community do you see in and around genderqueer lives and identities? How do you respond to the notion that identifying as genderqueer is a political act?

*Feel free to add anything else that comes to you!

Please send us your poems, stories, essays, comics, photographs, drawings, one-act plays, and sheet music–anything that can be reproduced in two dimensions and black and white. Send them to or Also feel free to ask any questions you might have. The deadline to send in submissions is the Winter Solstice: December 21st, 2013.

This zine will be co-edited by River Willow Fagan and Tristissima et alia.


  1. Hello again!

    A while ago, if you recall, I sent you a copy of my novel “The Boy From Bithynia”. I hope you found it enjoyable. It’s not as intense as some of your posts here, but it was meant to be readable for people who are not knowledgeable of Antinous and Roman history. The reviews and comments I’ve received have been very favorable and people have enjoyed learning about Antinous…one of the reasons I wrote the book.

    I have a new novel out, “The Journey Alone”. It covers Hadrian’s final years after the death of The Beloved. If you are interested, I can send you a copy. Please feel free to let me know if you are not interested. I certainly understand that not every writers work is to everyone’s taste.

    I hope life is treating you kindly.

    John Jaie Palmero

    • Hello John!

      My apologies for not responding when you wrote a while back…I have been rather buried under things for much of the past few months, and while I do get a post here up relatively regularly, there hasn’t been as much time or ease with reading lately as I had hoped…

      I have not read your book yet, but I intend to by the end of this calendar year. I have six other books I need to read and review officially for various publications and websites (and two before the end of this month…though two others are way overdue–eep!), but I hope to get to yours soon after those are all completed.

      And, I’d be very interested in reading your Hadrian book as well! That’s a period that is much under debate, but which is likewise not as focused upon as the years between 120 and 130 in Hadrian’s life, when everything “interesting” occurred, according to some.

      Thanks for staying in touch and reading/checking in here from time to time! I do appreciate it, and thank you for doing the work that you are and getting the story of Antinous out there more! 🙂

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