Posted by: aediculaantinoi | October 17, 2013

I’m not much of a fan of moveable feasts…

Apparently, today is Spirit Day.

However, I have Spirit Day on the same day that it was the first year it occurred, i.e. October 20th, for the permanent Aedicula Antinoi Calendar.

I have a planned post that I was going to do on Spirit Day on Sunday…but now I’m wondering if I should do it today instead? Hmm…

Well, on any number of other calendrical issues, I’ve preferred a stable date to one that varies from year to year. Unless one has control over structural elements of a calendar (like the dominant religious cultures of the Western world have had for the past fifteen hundred years), it seems better to me to determine the holy occasion of the year based on structural set-points on the calendar, rather than determining structural set-points of the calendar based on holy occasions…if that makes any sense…and perhaps it doesn’t…!?! 😉

So, I think I’ll leave it as it is, and will thus save my reflections on the matter until then. But I did just want to make this acknowledgement for any who might say on Sunday, “But that was Thursday!” Crikey…


  1. To be fair, this was a commemoration designed to be participated in the school environment, so it makes sense to me that they would choose to have it during a time when school was in session, i.e. not Sunday the 20th. Why GLAAD decided on the 17th, though (and how exactly did they become in charge of this), remains a mystery.

    • Fair enough…

      I’m a little bit annoyed that the student group at the college where I teach (and which I’m the advisor for now) doesn’t really want to have anything to do with “negative” remembrances. We shouldn’t do Trans Day of Remembrance, they say, because it’s negative; they didn’t want to do this either because it only focuses on the sadness of suicide, etc. They don’t seem to know how to react to these things other than going “Awww” (as they did when I mentioned Jamey Rodemeyer and they said “We don’t know who that is”). But, that’s a slightly different issue…

  2. I know we’re queer and all and we like our rainbows, but rainbows only shine after we’ve had our storm….. In other words, that’s disappointing. And surprising, actually! My college GSA had a huge activist streak and we were kind of gunghoe about remembering (and honoring) all the crappy things that have happened – and continue to happen – to LGBTQ folk. In fact, that’s how I learned of Matthew Shepard (I’m a bad gay, I know! *slaps wrist*), with a candlelight vigil and a production of the Laramie Project. It’s hard to imagine a college group in particular not being interested in taking part in these so-called “negative” remembrances. You have my sympathies working with them.

  3. […] the “official” observance of Spirit Day was on Thursday, today is the Ekklesía Antínoou’s observance of the same occasion. (As we don’t have […]

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