Posted by: aediculaantinoi | October 19, 2013

Armilustrium 2013

Why Aren’t You Dancing?

I cannot dance, for there is no peace in the land.

There have always been dances for war,
with Mars and with Minerva and with others
as much as with Bacchus and with Liber.

I cannot dance, for I am not a warrior.

No trade is without its own dance,
no vocation does not have steps appropriate–
whether teacher or herder, senator or sweeper.

I cannot dance, for my feet are not well.

The fish dance in the streams without feet,
the snake dances without legs or feet,
and the birds dance upon the winds.

I cannot dance, for I have no partner.

Then dance by yourself–
for there is no necessity for mating
in every dance that is performed.

I cannot dance, because I don’t dance.

Then refuse to breathe or eat,
refuse your heart its rhythm of beats
for if it did not dance, you would die.

Why aren’t YOU dancing?


  1. Because I haven’t had enough to drink yet

    • The answer:

      The ocean remains to be drunk dry,
      and yet the dolphins dance in the spray
      and jellyfish are graceful in their ballet.

    • I love you both. ❤

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