Posted by: aediculaantinoi | October 22, 2013

Three Quick Things…

I have a lot to do today, and am not even really started into it yet…

So, a quick drive-by post is all I can manage for the day.

First, this child’s Hallowe’en costume of Frida Kahlo Sancta just had to be shared…and there’s more along these lines here (though none of the others are amongst our Sancta/e/i).

Frida Kahlo costume

While I can’t re-post pictures from this article, sadly, here’s a short piece on a model, Elliot Sailors, who realized she’d get less jobs as she aged, and so started getting jobs posing as male instead. She’s lucky that she looks so equally good in both of these particular genders; perhaps one day, when there’s more of a sizable market for others, she’ll try them, too! 😉

Finally, something that I read and didn’t know about: gay porn star suicides. I’d certainly heard of such on a few occasions, but it seems to be rather more common than I, at least, had realized: this interview with another retired gay porn star says a bit more about several recent such suicides. One wonders: is there a place in the Sancti for these individuals?

Okay…must try to do some work now.


  1. RE: Gay Pornstar Suicides

    I think there is a place for them among the sancti. Although many disagree with them, they can rightly considered martyrs both because of the excessive demands of their profession in addition to being very openly visible members of the community. The combined stresses can and do frequently result in these courses of actions once they leave or are forced out of the ‘biz’.

    Philosophically, as well, as objects of beauty they could be considered omorphodemoi – beautiful ones whose lives are lost for various reasons.

    • All good points…and, in many respects, martyrs to all of the excesses of “gay culture” as such, often senseless casualties to how inhuman and dehumanizing the process and the culture’s expectations can be (a topic little discussed, not surprisingly).

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