Posted by: aediculaantinoi | October 23, 2013

New “Queer I Stand”–To Keep Silent–and the Sacred Nights approach…

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a “Queer I Stand” column go up at’s Pagan Channel, but today is that long-awaited (HA!–probably not!) day, at last.

My title and subject this week is “To Keep Silent.” I don’t get too much into why I’ve been “more silent” here on the blog lately (as well as elsewhere), but from the past two weeks, many of you avid readers know more details on that already. I’ve taken my ideas there both, to some extent, from T. Thorn Coyle’s recent work on the Four Powers of the Sphinx, and also on some things from Jesuit/Ignatian spiritual practices. You can read the column here, and feel free to comment there or here on it as you may prefer…

Though, note, I won’t be answering comments between the end of today and the 1st of November, because of the Sacred Nights of Antinous, which begin tomorrow. I explain that in the column linked to above, as well as what my procedure will be on here for the next nine days. I’ve already got a lot of the poem written, and am excited to be sharing it with you starting tomorrow…as well as some other reflections on the significance of the days to come.

By the end of today, I might have one more post here; if I don’t get it written, then it will have to wait until November 2nd. I’ve accomplished most of the major ones that have been on my list since late August at this point, though, so that’s good…

I have not slept well for the last few days (and much of the weekend), but I did get something major accomplished yesterday in finishing the last of my essays for Bibliotheca Alexandrina’s devotional anthology for the Morrígan, which is on the relationship between that goddess and the hero Cú Chulainn, which has been poorly and incorrectly understood in modern paganism far more than it has been accurately assessed based on what the actual sources involved specifically say. So, I hope the essay is useful to others in that regard. I also submitted a poem and another essay already, and was planning on doing a further essay that would be an installment in an ongoing series of writings that I hope to be doing to launch a new theoretical project for future experimental and reconstructionist-based praxis, but divination with the Ephesia Grammata pretty much told me that the gods would prefer I not write it at that point. While that made me happy in terms of the potential for getting more sleep last night, that didn’t end up happening because there were foghorns going off all night, which didn’t allow me to ever settle into sleep for more than a few minutes at a time. Bleh…

In any case, there’s where we’re at for the moment. Perhaps more later; but if not, I hope the beginning of everyone’s Sacred Nights of Antinous for 2013 commences well tomorrow (or just after midnight tonight, for those who reckon them in that fashion)!


  1. Sing the song of eternal life
    I might be nothing as wonderful as you
    Though, I can sing !

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