Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 3, 2013

Fuin na Shamhna

To close off this season of Samain, this night of the final third of Samain, I offer the following poem.

Clann na Loga

Hail to the children of Lug,
warriors of virtue, good,
protectors of Ireland’s kings
from Samain’s marauding things.

Finn mac Cumhaill at Tara,
not fénnid Goll mac Morna,
defeats the burner Aillen
who came at every Samain.

Cú Chulainn, hound of the feats,
like herd of horses’ hoof-beats
trampled Medb’s men alone
from Samain ’til Imbolc shown.

Conchobor mac Nessa’s health,
Cormac mac Airt’s wisdom’s wealth
were built upon heroes’ deeds
when to their aid Lug’s sons speed.

The Hound descends from Dagda,
the Fair Seer from Núada,
but Lug Samildanach’s line
was what made each hero fine.

The Ulaid all praise Hound’s name,
Leinster and Munster the same
for the Warrior Seer
each day of every year.

But at Samain’s tide, three nights
to recount their fateful fights
must be given without fail:
Lug’s children, to them both, Hail!


  1. I’m a bit late, but it’s beautiful nonetheless. Thank you for that.

    • Go raibh maith agat! Glad you liked it! 😉

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