Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 12, 2013

An Interesting Dream…

While there’s a great deal of (atheist) stupidity due to lack of expanded horizons going on else-internet, and I do have a lot of other posts I’d like to make in the near future, I wanted to record the following for posterity, of sorts, sooner rather than later.

Yesterday morning, I had a dream that involved Antinous, sort of–or, rather perhaps, the living worshippers of Antinous. I find it interesting that this dream came right on the heels of one of my posts yesterday in which I noted that Antinous has been somewhat absent from my direct experiences lately, at least in obvious ways.

The basic setting was PantheaCon (and, as I’ve been involved recently in some behind-the-scenes last-minute organizing and negotiating as far as the program for 2014 is concerned, I suppose that makes sense…), and I was in the process of simultaneously planning/setting up and presenting an Ekklesía Antínoou ritual, in which various people of note were involved, including Xochiquetzal Duti and a few of the Mystai/Luperci (Jay in particular); there was also some music from Sharon Knight and T. Thorn Coyle in the dream/ritual/event as well (though not necessarily the Antinoan part of it, to my recollection). In the midst of the whole thing (while doing a hymn, actually!), I started having a low blood sugar, and was worried about having to ask someone to go with me to somewhere that I could get a candy bar or something to raise it again–and, of course, I was having a low blood sugar in real life/non-dreaming as that part was occurring, and so had to get up and look after it soon after!

But, one of the most interesting parts of it was that there were multiple images of Antinous on the shrine space created for the ritual. There was an Antinous-Osiris bust, very like this one…

…which, as some of you may know, is the only one of the ancient Antinous statues that I’ve seen in person at this point, when he–along with Herodes Attikos, a Serapis, a Horus falcon, Trajan, and others–came to Seattle with the “Roman Art from the Louvre” exhibit in 2008 (though this was a favorite one for a while before that!). It was a bit taller, and didn’t have as broad shoulders as the one above has, but it was along these lines…

Then, there was a second one, which was very definitely *mine*, by which I mean it was (at least as far as the dream was concerned) the one I have on my home shrine, which isn’t quite like the following one, but is along those lines:

In the dream, I understood this one to be an Antinous-Hermes.

And then, there was one that Mystes Jay brought, which was understood (not surprisingly, given his own history and interests!) to be an Antinous-Apollon. While the exact look of it isn’t something that actually still exists, part of it seemed to be somewhat similar to the following statue:

I remember, then, distinctly feeling that though my predilection for triads was thus satisfied by these three presences, I didn’t quite feel it was complete because there was no Antinous-Dionysos (even though many would say “But Osiris is syncretized to Dionysos, so…”). The other odd piece about all of this was that even though the multiple images were there to facilitate access to Antinous by many people present for the ritual, at the same time, two of the images were facing toward the wall on the circular table where they were placed as their temporary shrine for the ritual, while the third (the Antinous-Apollon) was facing forward for direct access by those who were present…and, based on how we have allowed individual prayers in rituals at PantheaCon, and how many people were present, but there being only one Antinous to access, it was going to take hours to get through everyone’s prayers, because there were hundreds of people present.

Wishful thinking, certainly…!?! 😉

So, I suspect that there may have been at least some slight divine directions being given here: even though we may not realistically get hundreds of people at our ritual(s) at the PantheaCons of the near and far futures, nonetheless: a) prepare several images of Antinous so that he can be easily accessed; and b) make sure my blood sugar is running high before a ritual starts, lest I get low in the middle of a hymn!

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