Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 15, 2013

Some Interesting Things, Possibly…

Not much time nor energy for a post that takes a great deal of thought today, unfortunately. (And, the internet has been out here for about 18 hours…drat.)

So, here’s some stories I’ve seen over the past few weeks (but mostly today) that may interest some of my readers.

Two things from Sannion: first, a brief profile of Aidesia, a Sancta of pagan motherhood; and second, help to write this sacred drama in honor of Dionysos! (I hope to make my own contributions to that latter effort in the near future…)

Next, an article on the precarious position of the queer adjunct professor at colleges and universities in the U.S. As I’m in that position, this certainly hit home…

After that, an article on porn stars who are involved in occultism, paganism, and so forth, with several quotes from Dr. Annie Sprinkle, who is awesome. (I’ve had a few e-mails with her back and forth, and I highly recommend Sluts and Goddesses to anyone who hasn’t seen it!)

Further, a recent biography of Gore Vidal, the always controversial figure…

And further biographical publications on Mark Morrisroe, who I had not heard of, but he sounds rather interesting…

Finally, while they’re using the term “Atlantis” to describe Doggerland, I think I’d personally prefer Hyperborea, especially since its location is pretty much exactly where that would have been in most ancient reckonings.

Hope everyone is well–I’ll have more tomorrow, with any luck!


  1. Hello. I wasn’t sure if you had the chance to consider my newest book, The Journey Alone. I didn’t hear anything about my first book so I’m not sure if you cared for it. As it was my first attempt I would welcome any input you have seeing as you are much more experienced at writing than I am.

    Many thanks

    John Jaie Palmero

    • Hello John!

      I can’t remember if I replied to your comment, or sent you an e-mail, when you wrote the latest time (within the last month or so)…but, in any case, I did, and I certainly am interested!

      I have a few more books to review before I get to your first one, but I’d be very happy to see your latest book! It’s always good to read about Hadrian and Antinous, and especially since Hadrian’s final years are somewhat neglected, and kind of get “passed over” in so many treatments of the Hadrian and Antinous story.

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