Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 18, 2013

And Now For Something Completely Different…

While we’ve got some holy days coming in the immediate future (i.e. starting tomorrow!), there was a question of what to post today: something longer that might take a bit more thought, or something short and pithy and (hopefully!) interesting.

Due to a variety of matters, it’s going to be the latter…though I wasn’t sure until just a short while ago what that would be.

Twenty years ago today, the following was first broadcast:

Gods, what a sexy beast he was…!?! 😉

While, of course, the entire performance of MTV: Unplugged which featured Nirvana was legendary, I have to say this was one of my favorite songs of the whole show, and the one which sort of began my “turnaround” where Nirvana was concerned–I didn’t much like them before that, because they became way too “commercial” (for some value thereof, which was not their doing) and popular, especially in the area where I was living and growing up at the time, i.e. the northwestern islands of Washington State, near Seattle. Ironically, that was probably more Nirvana-like than being one of the mindless fans of them at the time (and, considering some of their fans at my high school, I suspect Sanctus Kurt would agree on that as well).

I notice myself wearing a striped sweatshirt today that I’m sure Sanctus Kurt would have appreciated, and as I re-listened to “Plateau” above, I found myself smiling and laughing quite a bit about the words and how absolutely genuius they–and Kurt as he performed there–were.

Given I’ve missed Kurt’s dies Sancti for a while now, at least publicly, this seemed as good an occasion as any to recall him to mind.

Ignis Corporis Infirmat, Ignis sed Animae Perstat, Kurte Sancte!

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