Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 21, 2013

The Visit to Memnon: Jubilation

We come to the final day of our three day celebration of the Emperor Hadrian’s imperial visit to the Colossoi of Memnon, and our especial focus on the Empress Diva Sabina Augusta and Sancta Julia Balbilla. I was not able to post this earlier in the day because I did not have sufficient offerings for my home shrine, and thus had to obtain them this morning before going to work.

[Crikey…I need to get a new image of this, don’t I?]

You can read more about this occasion’s particular significance in the posts from past years (2010, 2011, and 2012), as we move on to highlighting the poetry–even less of it surviving than of Julia Balbilla–of another Sancta of this day, Claudia Damo Synamate:

Hail, son of Dawn, for favorably you spoke to me, Memnon, for the sake of the Muses, to whom I am dear—Damo, lover of song. Showing favor/bringing aid, my barbitos shall ever sing your power, O holy one.

My own poetic efforts on this day will be focused in a different direction, as you’ll see shortly…

At long last, after silence, may all rejoice, for the mute stones have not simply spoken, but they have sung:

Much could be said for the modern cultus of Antinous as well, as equally as the Colossoi of Memnon before the Emperor Hadrian and his Empress Sabina all those years ago!

Hail to the hero Memnon, and to Achilleus his adversary!
Hail to Eos and Tithonos, the parents of Memnon!
Hail to the Pharaoh Amenophis!
Hail to the Divine Hadrian and the Divine Sabina!
Hail to the Sanctae, Julia Balbilla and Claudia Damo Synamate!
Hail to Antinous!


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