Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 24, 2013

A Video Game I Can Get Behind…!

My apologies for the silence here the last few days; I’ve been (and still am!) swamped with things to do, and not enough time to sit down and devote to a lengthy post, or any post at all, unfortunately, for the last two days. I hope to rectify that in the run-up to the Natalis Antinoi on Wednesday…

But, I have an interesting, relevant, and fun news item to pass on to you today, courtesy of my good friend, colleague, co-religionist, Luperca, Mystes, and Tribune of the Mystai, Erynn Rowan Laurie–thank you again for passing this on!

3-D modeling used in gaming software will soon enable people to virtually tour Hadrian’s Villa! Isn’t that exciting!

The website is up now, however, and while the full 3-D walkthroughs are not available yet, there’s a lot of interesting and fun stuff to be found there, including tons on the Antinoeion.

90_Priest_Osiris HV inv 22817

The most interesting aspect of this thus far, at least from my viewpoint, is that it shows 14 (though there are 15 listed, photo #2 isn’t seeming to load for me at all at this point) statues and other objects that are likely from the Antinoeion (including Antinous-Osiris, Antinous-Apis, Ptah, Harpocrates, Nefertem, and a lost Imhotep), and I didn’t know about a few of these. There are also several of different Egyptian style priests/priestesses, known as Prophetae to the Romans, which is especially intriguing.

So, go and have a look!


  1. Marvelous! Have been following the clips on U Tube can’t wait to download.

    • It will be cool when the full version is done…

      If it is in MMO-style, it would be great to have Second Life-like meet-ups at the Villa, weekly devotional rituals at the Antinoeion and so forth. Hmm…!

  2. Thank you for sharing this.
    Ah, I think I see the connection between Ptah and Antinous you mentioned a few weeks back ..😉
    If there are sculptures of Ptah, Nefertum, and Imhotep, I wonder where the Sekhmet is.. And/or perhaps Hathor.
    Could each building of the Antinoeion have been dedicated to a divine family – one for the Ptah-Sekhmet-Nefrtum triad + Imhotep, and one for the Osiris/Antinous-Isis-Harpokrates triad.
    I suppose all this has been written about copiously, but it is exciting news to me!

    • Oh, there’s even more than this, actually! But yes, this is certainly part of that overall connection.

      I don’t know if there is or ever was any Sekhmet evidence at the Villa; but, Hathor was one of the goddesses honored at the site where Antinoöpolis was founded (along with Bes) for centuries (or even millennia!) before it was host to Antinous’ holy death.

      I don’t know if the two smaller temples would be to each of those families of Egyptian deities–it makes sense, though. At least two Isis sculptures may have come from the Antinoeion; and there are other places in the Villa which were dedicated to or had statues of Isis, like the Roccabruna and the so-called “Palaestra,” as well as the Pantanello and one other unknown location which had a nice Isis statue recovered from it. You can see all of the statuary from the Villa here, though I know for a fact there is more that isn’t listed there (e.g. a Horus falcon that toured with the Roman Art from the Louvre exhibit in ’08).

      And, actually, much less than one would prefer has been written on all of this (at least in English…but even what I can tell from the archaeological articles in Italian, German, etc., there isn’t as much as one would wish).

  3. Thank you. Looking forward to more thoughts on these connections!

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