Posted by: aediculaantinoi | November 30, 2013

Festival of Neith, 2013

Today in Neos Alexandria, it is the Festival of Neith, described as follows on their calendar:

This ancient Egyptian festival occurs on 28 Choiak.

According to Herodotos, at Sais the Egyptians held a Festival of Lamps in honor of Neith. They set up lamps in their homes and kept them burning all through the night while they feasted in her honor.

If all goes well, I should be able to do at least parts of this with a few friends over the course of the day today.

There is something else, however, which will take up most of the next six-to-eight hours, which will be discussed in a post later today once I’ve returned. And, poetry will be involved. It’s very likely that Neith, as well as Antinous and any number of other deities, will be involved in that poem in some fashion or other. So, stay tuned for that…

But meanwhile:

Dua Neith!


  1. Dua Neith!

  2. […] Earlier (yesterday now–I had something come up in the last five hours that I wasn’t expecting which delayed this post), I alluded to making the present post. […]

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