Posted by: aediculaantinoi | December 2, 2013

A Quick Question and Answer–and then, yours!

I don’t have much time to write today, alas…

So, I just want to share something from Saturday night that was asked to me completely unexpectedly and rather creatively, which I wanted to get your own thoughts on as well.

Dionysians, in particular: put your thinking-donkey-ears on! 😉

I was talking about the Ekklesía Antínoou’s three-part sacred drama from PantheaCon a few years ago with these friends, and told them about it, in the context of drama and the catharsis it provides (rather than “entertainment,” which is what modern people can’t seem to understand in relation to ancient sacred dramas) being used at shrines of Asklepios and the like. Then, one of my interlocutors asked this totally unexpected question in relation to all of that: what modern movie most encapsulates what a satyr play is like? I think he asked this because most people understand what a comedy is and what a tragedy is (although their specific ancient Greek definitions are a little different than what we understand), but “satyr-play” goes over most people’s heads.

In that moment, after musing on what an excellent question it was, I offered the following answer:

The Big Lebowski.

There is certainly a tragicomic element to it; and, I think the randomness and the almost pointlessness of it (which includes the satirizing of nihilism itself–how brilliant is that?!?) kind of lends itself to a satyric understanding.

What do you think? What would be your candidate for a modern cinematic satyr-play?

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