Posted by: aediculaantinoi | December 2, 2013

Cyborg Mundi…?!?

I’m stealing a few moments when I should be doing other things to post about the following.

As if all of the madness of Bithynia Day and Epibateria Friday over the last few days wasn’t enough to drive one batty, it turns out today is yet a further widespread and unusual holy day: Cyborg Mundi.


Cyborg Mundi,” of course, is the mixed English-and-Latin words of the common phrase which translates as “Cyborgs of the World, Unite!” (Which sort of reminds me of Voltron in a weird sort of way…but not as fun, since this unity isn’t to destroy robeasts, it’s to destroy humanity.)

To be honest, I understand this particular holy day even less than the other two. I mean, really: why would we want to mark a day that commemorates–or, rather, hopes for–the overthrowing of all the world by a malicious robotic regime? That there actually is a holy day marking this makes me worry on behalf of all society…and, that the way this date is marked is by everyone being forced to purchase goods only via the internet for extremely low prices doesn’t seem like a very good way to “do anything about this.” I mean, sure, it might be good to have a “Potential Cyborg Take-Over Awareness Day”–or, heck, even a whole week (maybe in September?)–and to celebrate it by learning how to take steps in our daily lives to avert such a disaster (in the way that people do about the “Zombie Apocalypse”; and, let’s be honest, a cyborg take-over is far more likely than a zombie apocalypse, realistically speaking); but to mandate such a day, and then kind of egg it on by feeding into our over-reliance on computers to begin with just seems like it’s begging for trouble.

Personally, I’m celebrating it like people really ought to: hunkered down in a basement with lots of Twinkies and the doors locked, hoping that the evil cyborgs won’t be able to find me, and that I can keep some form of biologically-human culture going in a world gone mad, without losing my sanity along the way. I don’t think I’m accomplishing the latter aim at present, but oh well…

I probably shouldn’t even be using this medium at all at present, because doing so feeds into the exact opposite of what I’d like to see happen. The future cybernetic masters’ tools will never dismantle the future cybernetic masters’ house. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!

I’m also taking a moment here to recognize that I was totally remiss yesterday, in the nuttiness that is the life of a college teacher the day before a long-ish weekend ends, in marking two further holy days that are of major significance which should have received their due: the Epibateria of Hadrian in Tebtynis, and World AIDS Day. The only (Christian but ostensibly interfaith) religious marking of the latter that I knew of in my area was a few towns over, and I couldn’t get there, unfortunately. For the former, though, I always like to recall that because of the Tebtynis Papyrus, we have some further information on Antinous and the red Nile lotus, as well as some interesting matters involving Herakles and the Eleusinian Mysteries which some scholars (including, if I am recalling correctly, Karl Kerényi) think may shed some light on the actual Eleusinian Mysteries and their contents. It’s an interesting and fascinating source, and I highly suggest people have a look at it–it’s translated in both The Phillupic Hymns and Devotio Antinoo, and I’d note that because Sigillaria is coming up on the 23rd of this month, those volumes both make excellent Sigillaria gifts! 😉

I’d also note that I’ve received e-mails today saying that it is only “23 more shopping days” until Dies Natalis Solis Invicti–but, that’s such ignorant bullshit…it’s only XX shopping days (inclusively counting, as the Romans did) until Sigillaria, which is the gift-giving holiday…Dies Natalis Solis Invicti is the day for worshipping Sol Invictus, and being happy that we have a sun and that it still exists, because without it, we’d die. Come on, people, get it right! Sheesh…

And, in one other news item which may not be very important or meaningful to many people, but which I’d like to note anyway: British Olympic diver Tom Daley has just revealed he’s bisexual. No, he didn’t say “bisexual,” but he revealed he’s dating a guy, but “still fancies girls,” which is of course known as “being bisexual.” Listen for yourself:

Isn’t he precious? Ahem.

In any case, I hope that he and his boyfriend have all the best luck, love, and fun in their relationship, and I hope that anyone who gives him any crap about being bisexual is the first to be taken down when the cyborgs rise up.

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