Posted by: aediculaantinoi | December 4, 2013

Some Things Of Note To Some Sorts of Folks…

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to do a longer post (again!) today–if I try to do one, I’ll end up losing out on sleep, and I’m not thinking that’s a good idea at present, since I have to be at work for nine hours tomorrow, with 1.5 hours of commuting on each side of it, once again. Bleh…

So, a few interesting things I’ve seen lately that I’d like to share with all of you.

First–special thanks to Rhiannon Theurer for directing my attention to this–it appears that in 2018, with the help of Rufus Wainwright, there will be an opera called Hadrian, based on Marguerite Yourcenar’s Memoirs of Hadrian, and which will especially feature Hadrian’s relationship with Antinous! Part of me says “Hurrah! Bring on 2018!” to this; and another part of me says “Feck! Someone beat me to the punch yet again!” (Seriously, I was thinking about how to get some musical minds together for something of this nature not three weeks ago…but divination told me “Don’t spend time on this at the moment.” Hmm.) So, best case scenario: Wainwright and co. read my work on Antinous and ask me to be a guest at a performance; worse case scenario: I get tickets to go somehow (perhaps in Vancouver, B.C., if it tours there–?!?), and it’s not to my liking. Oh well…In any case, perhaps this will get even more attention for Antinous and Hadrian in popular culture, which would be great!

Next, a particular post has been making the rounds on the polytheist blogosphere, on the subject of some of the things that the anti-polytheist crowds have said about us in arguments elsewhere, by Rhyd Wildermuth–whose work I have not read much of yet, but who is a pretty awesome individual from what I know at this point! In any case, the blog post is here, and I suggest everyone read it!

And finally for the moment, some fascinating stuff has turned up in Cork, Ireland as a result of rescue archaeological digs along some expanded motorways, which reveals that there were settlements in the area as long as 10,000 years before the present. Awesome! The oldest copper mines in western Europe are there; many other things of considerable antiquity are as well. Cork: the real capital of Ireland since 8,000 BCE! 😉

Hope everyone is well–Faunalia is tomorrow, so watch out!

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