Posted by: aediculaantinoi | December 6, 2013

Hibernation Day…

I barely have it in me today to make this short post…it’s very cold outside (no snow, thankfully), and while I’ve been able to sleep quite a lot today, it still doesn’t feel like quite enough. And, my dreams were just starting to get more interesting in the last bits of that sleep…


However, what you might enjoy in the meantime is this site that has some further photos of the underground passages at Hadrian’s Villa. There are as yet so many mysteries to be found on the surface of the place, and the known buildings…and now there’s this entire world beneath the ground that is just starting to be discovered. (And there’s also some interesting stories to be found in links on the sidebars there regarding scientific matters.)


  1. We had considerable snow (for Eugene!) yesterday. I’m in a performance of Messiah tonight, which is officially still on! I gave Bragi his bottle of mead this morning with heartfelt prayers and thanks.

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