Posted by: aediculaantinoi | January 1, 2014

To Asklepios

Asklepios, god and hero, son of Apollon and Koronis,
grandson of Zeus, student of Chiron,
father of Machaon and Podaleirius, Iaso and Panakeia,
Aigle and Aikeso, Hygeia and Glykon,
reviver of Glaukos and Hippolytos–

Come from your temples in Epidauros and Kos,
and from Memphis in Egypt where you shared the forms
of Imouthes and of Serapis,
and on the Tiber Island of Rome
where Tiberinus shared his land with you;

Come in dreams to those who are sick,
to those who suffer in the body,
to those who hunger in their souls and spirits
and whose minds are moved by treacherous waves;

Come in comfort and healing for the poor,
the dispossessed, the ragged, the downtrodden,
the needy and the hopeless and the tired;

Come to the bed-ridden and the wounded,
the diseased and the plague-stricken,
those who suffer in blood and bone,
in limbs and in organs,
in skin and in eyes and in ears,
in the inlets and outlets of the body.

Bring healing with herbs and with medicines,
with good foods and cleansing waters,
with baths and with massages,
with shining words and sweet songs,
with dances and exercises and movements and gestures,
with comedies and tragedies and satyr-plays,
with rituals and with regimens for living.

Teach the gods, foremost among them Antinous,
the ways of your healing arts
so that the bodies of humans
may not be an impediment
for their minds and souls and spirits
to do their works in this world
every hour and every day
from the time of their birth
to the hour of their death.

Praise to you, Asklepios, great god,
on this your festival day
and on every day when your name is called!

Khaire Khaire Asklepie! Khaire Khaire Antinoe!


  1. Khaire Asklepie!

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